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'Jeopardy!' Just Threw Some Serious Shade At 'Game Of Thrones' Author George R.R. Martin Over The Wait For His Final Books

'Jeopardy!' Just Threw Some Serious Shade At 'Game Of Thrones' Author George R.R. Martin Over The Wait For His Final Books
Dan MacMedan / Contributor / Getty Images

George R.R. Martin is taking so long to finish the last book from the series that inspired Game of Thrones that his fans are worried he might die before it happens.

So long that Game of Thrones show writers had to just make stuff up for the end of the series.

So long that Jeopardy is shading him for it.

And everyone loves a delicious bit of shade.


Tuesday's episode of Jeopardy included a category called "After All These Years."

Whoever writes the answers for the show is clearly a frustrated GoT fan. Contestants were tasked with finding the question to the follwing answer:

After nearly a decade of waiting, this author assures us "The Winds of Winter" is coming ― there's an excerpt on his website.

Go ahead and take a moment to bask in the cool shade. Enjoy the delicious snark of the phrase "there's an excerpt on his website."


Chuckle knowingly as you imagine a writer being given the category "After All These Years" and knowing that yes, this is their chance. They're finally going to stick it to George R.R. Martin!

We can almost see them writing out that answer with a look of smug satisfaction or perhaps a distant and damaged stare. They've seen things. They know things. They, too, hated the end of the show and are waiting for George to "fix" it.

We salute you, show writer who got to say what millions have been thinking.


News of the shady question made its way to Reddit with a screenshot for proof:


And yeah, clearly the question touched on a nerve.

"I doubt GRRM will ever finish it, and I can't say I blame him. Dude accomplished the (nearly) impossible and became a famous author before death. Now he's got a ton of money, and the choice between spending that money on whatever he wants or doing work. I'd imagine a fantasy writer can come up with some...interesting ways to spend his newfound fortune." - m053486
"If I were him I would have the books release after I died so I never had to hear how horribly I did no matter what I did." - caswunn
"After the complete overreaction to season 8 by fans I wouldn't be surprised if he never finishes the series. People will claim "he never understood Dany!" or "Jaime would never do that!" just like they are doing to the showrunners who were given his ending." - Growth_of_Thrones
"If there is a choice between releasing 2 books that you're not satisfied with or never releasing them, then releasing them is the more honourable option. Like Stephen King did when he finished the Dark Tower series - it was a bit rushed and less well received, but better than if he had died without releasing them."
"Whatever your complaints about Season 8 (I give it 7 out of 10), at least it was a conclusion."
"To GRRM I would say, paraphrasing C. S. Lewis:"
"Make your choice, book-writing stranger,"
"End the book and bide the danger (of people disliking it),"
"Or wonder, till it drives you mad"
"What would have followed if you had." - Rtozier2011
Global warming says "winter isn't coming" - daylightstirring

Will he ever release the final books? Will winter ever come?

You can get the 7 volumes of A Song of Ice and Fire by Martin here.

You can get A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast of Crows, A Dance with Dragons as a set here.