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Jennifer Garner Posts Hilarious Video After Losing Her Car In A One-Level Parking Garage For A Full 30 Minutes


Who hasn't lost their car in a parking lot?

Hollywood's most relatable mom, Jennifer Garner, posted a very funny video of herself on Instagram last week relating just that shared experience.

In the clip, the 47-year-old Love, Simon actress was flustered as she couldn't remember where she had parked her car.

The funny video is a reminder that famous people are just like us regular folk.

The video starts with Garner stating how long the search has been going on for.

"We've been walking for ten minutes."

Newly stuffed Build-a-Bear teddy (and its birth certificate) in hand, she tries to ring her car's alarm.


Garner quickly realizes that her car key's battery is dead, and won't be any help in her quest to get home.

She then tried searching by the letter she parked in, which she swears is "Y".

We'll get back to that later.

The person who is filming her starts to drive her around the parking garage. All the while, Garner tries to come up with a plan.

It took almost half an hour to find her vehicle.


Garner is excited to finally spot her car. But it's not in section "Y"...

It's all the way in section "F".


Embarrassed, she jokingly puts the blame on someone else.

"It's so rude to just move someone's car to 'F'."

The 25 minute ordeal and her endearing reaction amused her followers.





Many related to the situation.

Most drivers do lose their car at some point in their lifetime...




Pastry chef and judge from Netflix's Sugar Rush, Candace Nelson, had great advice for Garner:


And this fan suggested something that...

Well, I don't think this works.


Garner never shies away from posting about life's mishaps.

Whether it's catching an inevitable cold during back to school season...

...or ungracefully attempting to pack a sleeping bag.

The actress and mom is also the cofounder of Once Upon a Farm.

The company produces organic baby food that is also cold pressed and non-GMO.

Whatever she's doing, Garner remains a relatable and likable Hollywood mom.

Garner starred with Steve Carell in the family film Alexander and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day available here.

National Archives; Disney+

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