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Someone Pointed Out Jennifer Aniston's Weird 'Vocal Tic' On 'Friends'—And Now We Can't Unhear It


TikTok trends are responsible for 99% of topical discourse in the year 2021.

In today's category, media: A "stitch" trend, where users can record a video alongside another person's published content. In this stitch, the first person asked, "What is a trope in media that once you saw it, you could not unsee it?"

The second person warned us that what we were about to see would ruin our lives.

He pointed out that Jennifer Aniston, especially in her time on Friends as Rachel Green, had a bit of a vocal tic--Aniston excessively cleared her throat on screen.

He followed this with a montage...but most folks weren't surprised, as it had invaded their ears already:

This has been an open secret in Friends for some time, and is prompting some debate about whether it's a Rachel Green choice or a Jennifer Aniston acting choice.

It's also the subject of a YouTube video that will plant the sound of Rachel clearing her throat two hundred times.

- FRIENDS - Rachel Clears Her Throat 200 Times (Entire Series)

We certainly didn't know much about it, and now it's in our ears forever.

Once you notice the Rachel Green tic, there is no turning back.

Good luck now with you watching Friends.

And may the "ahem" be ever in your favor.