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Jay-Z Snatched A Guy's Phone Right Out Of His Hands For Filming Beyoncé Dancing At Diddy's 50th Birthday Party

Jay-Z Snatched A Guy's Phone Right Out Of His Hands For Filming Beyoncé Dancing At Diddy's 50th Birthday Party
@SaweetieDaily / Twitter Screenshot

Diddy just celebrated his 50th birthday in true Diddy style—with a party packed with the hottest celebs in the most glam outfits at the coolest location: his house.

There were models, there were influencers, there were millionaires, there were musicians... and all of that has been totally overshadowed by Jay-Z and Queen Bey.

A video of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and rapper Saweetie having fun on the dance floor has gone viral. You'd think it would be because of the three names we just dropped—but nope!

It's background action featuring Jay-Z that has everyone's attention.

Watch the right side of the video closely:

The video is only a few seconds long, but they're a very telling few seconds. In it we see the women dancing, surrounded by a bunch of other people, many of whom have their phones out and are taking pictures and video.

One man, standing near Beyonce, is shooting video and briefly seems to turn towards the women, catching a shot of Bey dancing. Again, he is not the only one in the room filming and clearly not the only one catching video of Bey, Kelly and Saweetie.

In fact, if you watch the video closely, the man doesn't seem too interested in the women specifically and he certainly isn't just standing there leering and filming them.

Still, Jay-Z took apparent offense to it (or possibly to the potential of being filmed himself?) and snatched the man's phone right out of his hand. We can't tell what he says, but we can be relatively certain he wasn't offering to take selfies with the guy based on the look on Jay-Z's face, the expression of pure shock from "Background Shook Bro" or the way the phone's owner immediately puts his hands up defensively.

The camera pans away, but not before we catch a glimpse of Beyonce noticing what's going on and reaching her arm out reassuringly to the man whose phone Jay snatched—so apparently she wasn't too worried about whatever he was filming.

The video may have been posted to draw attention to Saweetie, Kelly and Beyonce—but it was definitely Jay-Z and phone guy who got Twitter talking.

Though maybe that wasn't the phone Jay-Z should have been worried about...

Ofcourse Beyonce's reaction to it all didn't go unnoticed.

Whether anything further will come of the incident remains to be seen.