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Ivanka Trump Gets Roasted After Encouraging Anti-Social-Distancing Protesters To Practice Social Distancing

Maybe Ivanka Trump doesn't understand social distancing or perhaps she's never been to a protest.

But a recent suggestion she made on Twitter has many people scratching their heads.

Trump supporters all over the country have put themselves and others in danger by gathering in large groups to protest social distancing protocols enacted by their state governments.

While Ivanka Trump and her father, the President, support these protests (while simultaneously recommending to states that social distancing policies remain in place) she also has an important reminder for protestors: don't forget to practice proper social distancing!

Social distancing is literally the thing these protestors are trying to avoid.

If Ivanka really wanted people to be safe and maintain safe social distance, she'd be asking them not to protest.

You can often tell what people are like by the company they keep.

It wasn't so long ago that the President was telling the country this entire pandemic was a "hoax."

Ivanka may support peaceful protest, but these ones are endangering human lives.

Besides, safety doesn't seem particularly high on the priority list of these men wielding semi-automatic rifles.

Ivanka's statement left nothing but confusion its wake.

At least she's right about one thing: we should all be doing our part to keep each other safe by practicing social distancing.

And that, of course, means avoiding large crowds.