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Ivanka Dragged After Reportedly Planning To Attend Biden's Inauguration To 'Save Her Reputation'

Drew Angerer/Getty Images

On Monday, January 11, The Daily Mail reported First Daughter and White House advisor Ivanka Trump planned to attend President-elect Joe Biden's upcoming inauguration to save her "promising political career."

The Daily Mail cited a source inside the White House, who anonymously told them:

"Ivanka is worried that her promising political career is in jeopardy and she's doing whatever she can to save her reputation."
"Ivanka is convinced that by attending Biden's inauguration she will come across as a good sport and will gain future supporters."

For once, President Trump—who was reportedly unhappy with Ivanka's decision—seemed to be in agreement with Twitter who questioned whether Ivanka was even invited.

Ivanka was mercilessly roasted online where many people seemed to think her reputation was beyond repair.

Many wondered what the future was for Ivanka's "promising political career."

Whether or not Ivanka Trump will be able to attend Biden's inauguration is somewhat uncertain even if she—unlike her father—is willing.

In the past, members of Congress would be given hundreds of tickets each to ensure entire staffs could attend, but the pandemic has severely limited the number of people who will be able to see the event in person.

And security concerns after the Capitol riot are likely to limit the crowd further.

Despite Ivanka's efforts, the internet was not excited to see her try to reform her image after supporting her father during his worst moments in office.

If Ivanka wants to save her reputation in the eyes of many Americans, it seems she's going to have her work cut out for her.