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Niall Horan Just Started A Bizarre Feud With A British Soccer Club—And They Clapped Back Hard 😂

Danny Lawson/Isabel Infantes/PA

Leeds United Football Club—that's soccer for the United States—have found themselves involved in one of the more unlikely Twitter spats.

They took on One Direction star Niall Horan.

It began when sports fanatic Horan tweeted his appreciation of Derby County Football Club’s style of play on Wednesday.

A fan replied asking for Horan to send some luck to Leeds.

To which Horan responded:

"No one likes Leeds"

The response from the 25-year-old was far from flattering to the English football club.

Leeds responded with a dig at Horan’s solo career.

With his group, One Direction, on a break, the Irishman released one solo album and a handful of singles, none of which have topped the UK charts.

The reaction was split between those who thought Leeds had the better of the argument and those that were on Team Niall.

By and large though, it seemed like a second win of the night for Leeds, who were 2-0 victors over Ipswich in a Championship game on the same evening.

They even got some support from other clubs.

Leeds United’s relationship with Irish members of boy bands hasn’t always been so strained.

Nicky Byrne of the group Westlife was a goalkeeper for the club’s youth team.

A version of this article originally appeared on Press Association.