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People Share The Fastest Way They Have Seen A Happy Crowd Turn Sour

People Share The Fastest Way They Have Seen A Happy Crowd Turn Sour

How rare is it nowadays to see someone get booed off a stage (and I don't mean "BOO-URNS")? Believe it or not, it still happens in many different situations. Watching an excited crowd turn sour is a fascinating social event, and these Redditors witnessed some of the best.


u/A-random-Person123 asked: What is the fastest way a room of happy people turned sour you've witnessed?



When I was a kid, there were about 6/8 families in our area who were a good group of friends. Regular holidays together, kids all close friends too and in the same classes at school etc.

The backstory was that one of the families kept noticing money going missing from a drawer in the master bedroom. They had an older son who was getting the blame but was denying it.

Fast forward a few weeks and it's their younger kid's birthday, and everyone is at their house. Usual script was the kids party would be late afternoon, then in the evening the kids would end up playing games in some bedroom as the adults had a few drinks.

Kids were happy because we got to stay up late with all our friends, parents got to have a few guilt free drinks. This night was going as normal until we're all shuffled out and home earlier than usual. We got the full story the next day.

Once the kids were out of the way, the owners of the house had turned on their tv and pressed play on a video. On screen there was cctv of the bedroom where the money had been going missing. Clearly in the video you could see the wife of one of the other couples, sitting in that very room, going into the drawer and taking money. Apparently the switched off the video, said "what you saw is exactly what it looked like" and asked that couple to leave. Everyone else left shortly after.


No one likes a wet suitcase.

I was on a Chicago to NY flight. We all get on the plane, but were delayed taking off due to a heavy storm going on. About 20 minutes in, everybody was still pretty calm until the pilot announces they're working on getting our baggage loaded, because it's been sitting on the tarmac this entire time.

The entire plane looks out, and sees all our luggage just sitting there in the pouring rain uncovered, and starts freaking out.




Party at a woman's house. Everyone talking and happy. They mention a local business burned down.

Drunk guy yells "Must have been Jewish Lightning!"

The entire party goes silent, awkwardly glancing between him and the hostess, who just so happens to be Jewish.

The man looks around, thinks for a moment, and realizes his mistake. They didn't hear him! So he yells louder, "MUST HAVE BEEN JEWISH LIGHTNING!"


That's horrible.

Back when I waited tables, guy walking to his table, had a massive heart attack, and hit the floor.

EMT's said he was dead before he hit the floor. I've never seen a restaurant go so silent so quickly.



My friend used to work for a company that has always promised out IT department a trip to Hawaii for working through a couple of rough years without pay raise and on the flip side we won't get any personnel cut. It was a verbal promise that once we are back to profitable, the IT department would get all expense paid trip.

Back around October of 2015, they were gathered in the largest meeting room for a meeting with the president. There were snacks, drinks, pizza, etc. It was assumed that it was a celebration for a good year and they'd get the promised trip.

It was a mass layoff since IT has been outsourced. All credentials were locked during the meeting and everyone was asked to leave the premise right after the meeting.


What an a**hole.


The President of our company got completely plastered at our Christmas party. His speech started off funny because he was slurring hard and he was playing on it. Then he started talking about how he came from nothing and became something. Then he proceeded to tell us how if it wasn't for us working so hard and keeping our clients happy, he wouldn't have been able to accomplish building his mega mansion for him and his family, nor would he have been able to afford his new Benz.

Awkward muttering, followed by him directing us to "drink up & enjoy, because due to budget cuts, the future Christmas party/bonus budget is cancelled from here on out." Many of my coworkers relied on that bonus. No one was impressed. Except for 1 person, the rest of us quit within the first few months into the new year.


Hypocrites are the worst.

I made the mistake of playing Scattergories with my mother. She said "No Foreign words, you have to use English words". Fine, fair enough. She then called out someone for using a foreign word (I can't remember, it's been 10 years). He took off the points. The next f*cking round she used three foreign words. I called her out on it and she said it was no big deal, it was just a game. I argued that not only had SHE set the rule, but that she already called someone out for doing it.

She called me a f*cking a**hole and left the room. The Thanksgiving family time was over as pretty much everyone decided that was the time to leave.

Total time from game start to end of the family time? 6 minutes.


Oh NO.

I was watching Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon" in a movie theater when it came out in the early 1970's. The projector died during a fight scene.


Similar experience. I'd already seen Batman with Jack Nicholson as Joker. I went again with my uncle (not much older than me) and a few of his friends. Remember that scene where Joker (who has yet to be seen as Joker) is talking to the crime boss who tried to have him killed? The boss (Grissom) calls Joker "Jack", his real name. And Joker responds with "Jack's dead. You can call me (steps out of shadows for the big reveal) Joker."

At "Jack's dead...", everyone watched the film melt onto the camera. I laughed my a** off but everyone there who hadn't already seen the movie lost their damn minds. I actually thought I was going to witness a riot.




Was on a team (about 15 people) for a special project for a regional Internet Service Provider. During the bi-weekly team meeting the manager was super pumped about how far ahead of schedule we were due to some new processes we came up with.

After about 20 minutes of atta-boys, the manager concluded with telling us all we were being laid off in the same tone of voice she used for the whole meeting issuing a bunch of praise.

Most of us awkwardly laughed for a couple seconds thinking she was joking. She was not.


You wanna start a riot or something?

I worked at a casino for a couple of years and the joke is totally true:

How do you piss off 500 old people?

Yell "BINGO!"


That's just wrong.

3 hour safety training at work, rewarded everyone with pizza. You could go one of five days- Monday-Thursday everyone got pizza after, everyone who went Friday got ham sandwiches. Blasphemy.


Oh my goodness.


Was with a missions team in El Salvador. Our evening meeting was waiting on one of our leaders to come downstairs before we began. It had been a great day; we visited the artisan's market and a new ministry startup.

I remember it clear as day. The scene frequently replays in my mind. He sits down at the table. Suddenly, his head falls to the table and lands on his arms. Our other leader begins to shake him, but he is unresponsive.

For what felt like forever we were trapped in that room listening to CPR. They laid him down in the only doorway. Eventually, one of my friends and I were able to lead everyone out without getting too close to the leaders.

I'll spare the details, but long story short, I believe one of his aorta had burst. He was dead within minutes.



My family drove up to my grandma's house for her 90th (give or take a couple of years) birthday. She had the family and neighborhood over. My sister brought her boyfriend, but she was called away for a group school assignment because of her incompetent classmates. Anyway, her boyfriend had to fend for himself.

My grandma's neighbor first introduced him as "Bob" with two O's. This was a harmless joke/we all know he has a crude sense of humor. Everyone goes on eating and talking and then Bob (again) tells a story about a huge deer he saw (grandma/neighbors live in woods). He proceeds to tell us how gigantic the rack on the deer was and addresses a relatively new neighbor and newer girlfriend and says, "just like your girl."

I didn't turn the room sour but it was definitely uncomfortable.



I went to a leaving party for a member of staff I used to work with. We were all dancing and having a good time when suddenly one of the SENIOR members of staff was outside and started shouting at a young member of staff and threw a chair at him.

We all rushed to wear the argument was going on and he walked in really upset and the manager walked into the room and asked everyone what we were looking at. No one could say a word we was so shocked.




I entered a bar a ordered a beer. The music was quite loud so I decided to fart. Then I looked around and saw everyone was staring at me.

Then I realized I was listening to my mp3 player.