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'Hamilton' Viewers Are Obsessed With How Aggressively Jonathan Groff Spits All Over Himself

'Hamilton' Viewers Are Obsessed With How Aggressively Jonathan Groff Spits All Over Himself

On July 3rd, after one half of a very turbulent year, Lin-Manuel Miranda excited fans across the country when he and Disney+ announced they would stream Miranda's hit Broadway musical Hamilton.

And of all there is to love about Hamilton, the internet is of course fixated on one very specific moment—Jonathan Groff's saliva production.

Groff, who played King George III in the original Broadway cast, performs an intense trifecta of songs that play within the American Revolution as the king threatens the American people.

The most popular of these, "You'll Be Back," features very little staging, but instead Groff regally takes up space in his lavish costume, stares with intensity into the audience, and apparently spits a whole heck of a lot.

Groffsauce in the Hamilton's America PBS documentary

The internet literally cannot stop talking about the amount of spit that leaves Groff's mouth.

"I spit a lot onstage," Groff said in an interview with Varietyin 2019.

"I've always been a spitter … I start sweating. I just get wet when I perform onstage. It is just what happens."

Even Lin and other actors/artists involved with Hamilton made a nod to it on their personal Twitter accounts.

The lyrics "sweet, submissive subject" are particularly spit-inducing for Groff.

The spit was so powerful for Groff, that people are actually idolizing him for it.

Groff said his spitting habit made him "feel self-conscious at first."

In his most recent off-Broadway production of Little Shop Of Horrors, Groff said he could even see the audience reacting to their personal showers.

"I'd never been so close to the audience where I was actually seeing the reaction on people's face while I spat on them!"

jonathan groff hamilton GIF by Official London TheatreGiphy

Hamilton will be available on Disney+ for the foreseeable future for all your Jonathan-Groff-spitting needs.