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Guy Unknowingly Hooks Up With His New Landlord And Gets A Doubly Unpleasant Surprise When He Shows Up To Sign The Lease

Guy Unknowingly Hooks Up With His New Landlord And Gets A Doubly Unpleasant Surprise When He Shows Up To Sign The Lease
skynesher/Getty Images; landlordfucker43/Reddit

Have you ever had a small or quick decision come back to bite you?

You can't even say it was really a mistake because there's no way you could have known what would happen?

Over on Reddit, there's an entire board dedicated to such stories called " TIFU". On TIFU or "Today, I F****d Up", people share times they made their own horrible mistake.

One such user made a throwaway account to share how they accidentally slept with their landlord, and got into an awkward situation.

The tenant starts by explaining:

"okay so this happened over the weekend and today. On Friday, i went to view an apartment. I had talked to the landlord on the phone and was seeing the apartment with the super. So i see the apartment, everything's great, get an application, fill it all out and email it to the landlord."
"I get a call from him a few hours later, just going over details of my application and he offers me the apt. I'm going to go in on monday to sign the lease."

All good so far.

New apartment, and they've all but got it.

Time to unwind.

"Okay so now it's Saturday night and i'm just swiping through tinder and match with a cute guy, mid 30s, (im 20). let's call him steve he messaged me, we flirt, he comes over to my place. we have mediocre sex at best, then he leaves to go home."

Not a spectacular weekend, but at least the tenant has a new apartment to look forward to.

"So monday rolls around and I go to the apartment building to sign the lease and tie up any loose ends
I walk up the building and steve is standing outside with a woman and i see he has some papers in his hand."
"The woman waves to me and introduces herself as steve's WIFE. steve looks totally chill, while i'm freaking out but trying to remain calm. I did not sign up for this."


Oh no.

Oh no no no.

"Anyway, i feel bad for his wife and i feel like a horrible person even though i had no idea that he was married. Can't wait to live there for a whole year!"
"TL;DR Slept with my landlord without knowing who he was and found out he has a wife."

This is not a great situation.

A random hookup that leads to an awkward relationship with your landlord is bad enough. A random hookup that leads to the same but with the landlord's wife too?

That's too much.

The tenant did come back to clarify a few things including that he is a man, making this just a little more complicated.

"EDIT: YALL IM A GUY. sorry, i didn't clarify that in the original."
"EDIT 2: i was thinking of messaging him on tinder but he unmatched me so. and i don't want to email or text him in case it's a work email/phone and the wife sees the message."
"EDIT 3: wow this blew up what the hell. i'm not going to tell his wife because 1) id like for her to not kick me out of the apt and 2:) as many people have pointed out they could be in an open relationship and i don't want to accuse him of cheating and make things messy or weird."
"EDIT 4: yes i used protection, i'm always safe."

It'd be really difficult to try and change anything in this situation. Messaging Steve might lead to his wife finding out.

Trying to talk with the landlord in person is about the only option, but who knows if the tenant can.

All I can think is that this is Steve's fault.

"> steve looks totally chill
Such a steve move." - lau9001
"Given how chill he was, do you have any corroborating evidence that you haven't met a pair of identical twins?It's an outrider outlier, but still..." - Mithrawndo
"Perhaps those were the divorce papers" - invent_or_die
"So what you're saying is your random hookup has a key to your apartment..." - SooontobeSam

Now, there may be more to the story here. It's possible Steve isn't the scumbag we all think he is.

Steve and his wife might have an open relationship, and this was all above board. It'd be kinda weird to explain that to a random hookup, so it'd be understandable why he didn't tell the tenant.

Though at this point, you'd figure the landlord would explain if that were the case.

Either way, this isn't the tenant's fault.

"Assuming Steve isn't a next level sociopath, if he was that chill it's likely he's in an open relationship. Even if he isn't, you acted in good faith and shouldn't feel bad about your actions." - mooatcows
"Of course Steve looked totally chill. This is probably not his first time doing this. Or his last. Just try to stay out of it and interact with them as little as possible. Also no reason to feel guilty, Steve clearly wasn't upfront about his marital status. You had no way of knowing." - SagaciousKurama
"Maybe the wife is cool with it and was boning her own tenant in another room Saturday night" - Thombraidy

The tenant's awkward situation is something he'll have to deal with for a year, but hopefully there isn't anything more exciting from this waiting for him. As popular as the Reddit post got, there wasn't any identifying information in his story.

If there's any kind of lesson to be learned here, I don't know what it could be. Stay safe and honest, and even if your choices lead to a bad situation, you can take solace in the fact it isn't your fault.

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