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Guy Creates Twitter Account Devoted To His Pasta-Making Skills To Woo His Tinder Match

Guy Creates Twitter Account Devoted To His Pasta-Making Skills To Woo His Tinder Match

Finding love can be a difficult endeavor.

Even with apps at our fingertips that can sort and organize everyone interested in a relationship, it can still feel as random as going to a bar to hit on someone.

Luckily, even in a situation as bleak as that, we can still find some great and wholesome stories. Last week, on Tinder, a woman named Tilly matched with a man named Andrew.

After some back and forth, Andrew went and made a new Twitter account (@tillytortellini) and shared a tweet.

Step by step instructions to make tortellini? It's a little odd, don't you think?

Luckily, Tilly quickly explained what was going on.

In the course of their conversation, Tilly told Andrew that she wants to become an amateur chef. Andrew, on the other hand, makes a mean tortellini.

Unfortunately, Tinder doesn't allow you to share photos with others in messages. This presented a problem if you want to show off your pasta making skills.

Andrew did the most sensible thing.

No, I don't mean 'ask to switch to text messages,' I mean make an account on a completely different service, Twitter, and share that with her.

In turn, the world gets to see the most important part of making pasta dough: betrayal.

Somehow all this trust and betrayal turns into a powerful tortellini army.

This must be pretty nice for Tilly. Normally when people are sharing Tinder stories, they're more along the lines of bad experiences.

All this effort and we gotta ask the question: Did it work?


That's a lot of work done by an account with only six tweets.

In an interview with Insider, Andrew said he learned how to make tortellini with his younger sister. He also revealed she's his secret for winning dates like this.

He said:

"I am only good at making tortellini. She's the real chef in the family. She trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, and my secret is that I go to her for date recommendations."

I mean, that sounds a little less than romantic now.

But it's nothing a few jokes can't fix.

Andrew actually has his own Twitter account; this isn't his first foray into the social media platform. He posts with the username @sociologybro.

He often jokes and posts about the going-ons at Columbia University.

Though if you read his tweets recently, he is mostly joking about the newfound fame.

And just in case this adorable tortellini plan hadn't worked, the rest of the internet had Andrew's back, like a hive-minded wingman.

With all this excitement said and done, it's probably best we let Andrew and Tilly enjoy their relationship in peace.

For us, we'll always have the betrayed dough.

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