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George R.R. Martin Had A Lot To Say In His Review Of 'Avenger's: Endgame'

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Talk about worlds colliding!

George R. R. Martin recently posted his review of Avengers: Endgame on his personal blog.

In the midst of finishing the last two Game of Thrones books, Martin made it a point to check out Endgame while it was still in theaters.


In the post, Martin details how much he loved Endgame, which he refers to as "amazing". It wasn't just the action that got him, but the fact that Marvel was able to effectively tell an emotional, human story.

He wrote:

"I cannot believe they got all those characters into one film, and still managed to do them all justice. The final battle was epic, exciting, thrilling, full of twists and turns… and strangely beautiful."
"But the character scenes earlier in the film really made it for me. The opening with Hawkeye, the Ant-Man scenes, Tony Stark's moments communing with his helm… so many more."
"There's plenty of action here, but this is not just A Big Dumb Action movie, of which there are far too many these days."

In his review, he speaks highly of the film, giving them what might be the highest accolade you can give to this particular crew.

"Stan Lee would have been proud. Could he ever have dreamed that all those characters he and Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko and the rest of the Marvel team created in the early 60s would one day come to dominate global culture? There's an amazing story for you."

As one would expect, Martin's "jots" have gone viral, with fans of both Game of Thrones and Avengers commenting on his review.

One has even said that the post was throwing shade at his own show, being as he didn't mention it on his blog.

Despite what is going on with the new season of Game of Thrones, one thing that even George R. R. Martin can agree on is that Endgame was almost universally loved.

Even coming from one of the most respected fantasy writers of all time.

Now that he's seen Endgame, let's hope that he'll finish those last two books soon!


George R. R. Martin is no comic book neophyte either. He has several graphic novels to his credit, including science fiction titles like Starport, available here.

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