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Whoopi Goldberg Gets Emotional While Closing Out Michael J. Fox Interview On 'The View'

The co-host said there's 'no better person to emulate' than Fox after a powerful interview on the talk show.

ABC screenshot of Whoopi Goldberg; ABC screenshot of Michael J. Fox
The View/ABC

The View moderator Whoopi Goldberg became emotional while closing out an interview with actor Michael J. Fox, saying there is "no better person to emulate" after he opened up about his life, career, and journey while living with Parkinson's disease.

After speaking candidly about his experience living with the disease—which he recently admitted has only gotten "tougher" to live with—Fox said there is "nothing better [he] can hope for than to be in this spot right now," a statement which moved Goldberg considerably.

After noting Fox will receive an award honoring his work and advocacy, Goldberg said:

"So, you know, there’s no better person to emulate than this man. He’s one of the best people I know—for a long time, you know? He doesn't look as old [as me] but I know."
"It’s a pleasure and an honor and a privilege to still know you, so bravo you."

You can watch the moment in the video below.

Many were equally as moved by the sweet moment.

Fox's appearance was also notable because of the response he gave after Goldberg asked him if there were any roles he regretted turning down over the course of his career.

To Goldberg's astonishment, Fox replied he'd had the opportunity to star alongside her in 1990's hit romantic thriller Ghost, for which Goldberg herself won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Fox said:

"There was a chance to work with you that I missed. They talked to me about 'Ghost' early on."
"I said, 'It'll never work.' I said, 'Whoopi's great, but it'll never work.' And then it was great, and huge, and I'm a f**kng idiot!"

A thrilled Goldberg replied she and Fox will have to "find something to do now," a declaration that earned cheers from the audience.