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Girl Loses A Chunk Of Her Eyelashes After Whacking Herself In The Face With A Giant Adult Toy

Girl Loses A Chunk Of Her Eyelashes After Whacking Herself In The Face With A Giant Adult Toy
Tegan Denham / Twitter

Folks, please use your adult toys responsibly and for their intended purposes or you may come dangerously close to losing an eye... and going down in Twitter infamy.

We learned that lesson thanks to two video, a double sided dildo and a girl named Tegan.

Tegan was out at Bongo's Bingo, a popular UK event that combines dancing, drinking and games. According to the website:

"A typical night at Bongo's Bingo consists of several rounds of bingo interspersed with rave intervals, dance-offs and catwalks down tables. It's essentially bingo played over pitchers of cocktails and beer, with frantic dancing to 90's pop music and celebrity entertainment."

Tegan, our brave victim, was pretty hopped up on the bingo rave vibes when someone handed her a large double sided dildo. She did what any of us would do, really, and took that baby to the dance floor.

In a whirlwind of bingo bliss, Tegan swung the adult toy in the air. Now, if you don't have much experience with double sided dildos, you may imagine something much more rigid than what Tegan was dealing with.

The toy she had been handed was hefty, large, and very very floppy. So there's Tegan dancing and swinging a massive flopping phallus around her head (which experts will tell you is a total amateur move and never a good idea) when suddenly the inevitable happened.

One of the dildo's heads came swinging around and smacked her in the face.


Hard enough to tear her lash extensions off, fam.

She got dildo'ed so hard she lost her lashes!


First we want to start by talking about what happened afterwards.

We mentioned loss of lashes, but Tegan told media outlets that the lashes weren't the only bit of damage.

She actually ended up with a black eye.

One of our favorite things about 2020 so far has been how willing people have been to document and share pretty much everything. That's how we ended up with the incident on video - but we're getting ahead of ourselves.

Tegan posted a quick video of "the aftermath."

It's not clear if her real lashes survived her wild night of bingo, but it's clear her lash extensions did not.

And her friend, who happened to be documenting the night, responded by sharing the incident.

Twitter can't get enough of these shenanigans.

Don't worry too much, though.

Based on the comments section, Tegan won't be lashless for long.

So what have we learned today, folks?

Be careful how you swing your dildos or you risk eye injury... and be sure to try and flip all dildo or bingo related injuries into free products. That's how you spin gold, fam.