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Gay TikToker Slammed For Mocking Starbucks Barista For Having A Gay-Sounding Voice


LGBTQ+ people get stereotyped all the time.

Some common gay male stereotypes include: Gay men being effeminate and flamboyant, having a "gay accent" or higher pitched voice, loving musical theater, walking differently--all quantitative stereotypes used to "other" gay men by straight people.

Do I sound gay

A gay man named Cameron Joseph Peña played on these stereotypes and weaponized them against an anonymous Starbucks Barista who was deemed by Peña and his friend in the car to have a gay-sounding voice.

Peña, the gay man depicted in the video, was an aspiring TikTok star.

He appears to have made his account private after several condemnations of his making fun of the Starbucks barista for having a "gay-sounding" voice.

He then went on to post another inflammatory video where he told everyone criticizing him for the TikTok to "get over it."

His page then issued an apology shortly after.

However, not everybody is buying that his apology was a genuine one.

Internalized homophobia is very pervasive in our culture, and stems from a number of stimulus we were exposed to, including TV and film, family pressures, and peer pressures.

Let's keep trying to undo it one step at a time.