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Woman Thought She Lost Rented Designer Coat—Only To Find It Frozen Solid On Friend's Apartment Roof

Woman Thought She Lost Rented Designer Coat—Only To Find It Frozen Solid On Friend's Apartment Roof

Urban living with minimal space leads to some creative solutions - and those creative solutions sometimes lead to a coat frozen solid on a roof for three weeks.

Curious about how we get from point A to point B?

So were thousands of viewers on TikTok when user @Ginabygina posted a video of a coat frozen so solid that it thunked when she put it down.

The coat was from a popular designer rental service, but Gina wasn't too worried when she couldn't find it. She was positive it was at the apartment where the party had been held.

But three weeks after the party, Gina got a message that the jacket was not, in fact, in the apartment.

After re-tracing everyone's steps for the night Gina realized the coat had to be on the roof - the roof of a New York city apartment building after weeks of storms and freezing weather.

The "thunk" was surreal.


Noooooooo for legal reasons this is a joke 😭✋ #fypシ #RufflesOwnYourRidges #nyc #westelmcaleb

TikTok had some questions, which lead to a series of follow-up videos to give some context and a little bit of story time.

First Up: How did she end up leaving a coat on a roof? It was in the 40's on New Year's Eve and anyone who has spent any time on the roof of a tall building can tell you that wind absolutely needs to be accounted for.

Didn't she need the coat that night?

Gina - like so many of the rest of us - seems to be afflicted with a dreaded case of "Cold, but clumsy."


Reply to @bibiannarico #greenscreen so I guess I left it on the floor and none of the 5 of us noticed 😭

And what happened to it?

Did it survive?

Amazingly, the designer piece seemed to come through the ordeal just fine after some time thawing and a few washes.

It Lives!


Reply to @catmagician here’s an update thank god 😭

And finally, people were curious about why a New Yorker would have a rented coat.

The answer to that is an issue most people living in an urban area will face at some point or another—lack of storage.

Winter coats are bulky and take up valuable and often non-existent closet space. It's best not to have them.

But it's New York, so that's not practical considering it regularly dips well below freezing.

Gina's solution to finding storage space? Don't bother! Instead, she rents coats and returns them when the weather warms.

That solution works out great—as long as you don't leave your rented designer coat on a roof for so long that it freezes solid.

People had a lot to say about the frozen coat saga.







But the rental company Gina got the jacket from had possibly the best reaction of all.


Same, Rent The Runway.

Hard same.

No word yet on whether Gina has been able to return the coat, will have to pay the full price for it—it's worth over $600—or will end up with a sponsorship or brand deal of some sort.

Social media is magic that way.