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Woman Says She Owes 'The Entire World An Apology' For Voting For 'That Monster' Trump In Powerful Video

Woman Says She Owes 'The Entire World An Apology' For Voting For 'That Monster' Trump In Powerful Video
Republican Voters Against Trump/YouTube; Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Donald Trump's narrow electoral college victory over Hillary Clinton—despite losing the populate vote by over 3 million votes—came as a shock to the entire world in 2016, but Trump believes his electoral college majority will hold and landslide him to victory over Joe Biden in 2020.

However, Trump's support in key states may be wavering, as the clock counts down to election day.

Another former Trump supporter went on YouTube to publicly express she would not be voting for Trump again in November.

Listen as this former Trump supporter explains why she must vote for Biden this

The woman identified as "Kelly" stated:

"I decided in probably January or February when I heard that the first case of coronavirus was in Venice, I said to everyone around me that if it's in Venice, it's in the United States. … the administration didn't take it seriously from the very beginning."

The woman, who planned on voting third party until the death of George Floyd, realized that the Republican party, under Trump, would happily watch its country burn to the ground for power.

She even questioned which country she was living in as she recalled Trump's gassing of peaceful protestors.

Under Trump's administration, over 140,000 Americans have died from the pandemic—more than any other nation in the world.

Polls currently show Biden dominating Trump in several battleground states, as election day draws closer.

Trump's handling of the pandemic was the final straw for some of his supporters.

The Trump administration's response to the protests calling for an end to systemic racism, police brutality and White supremacy has driven more voters—who don't want to preserve those social ills—from his side.

As of Friday, July 24, the 2020 presidential election is only 101 days away.

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