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80-Year-Old Florida Man Takes It Upon Himself To Wrestle Massive Alligator Before Calling The Authorities

80-Year-Old Florida Man Takes It Upon Himself To Wrestle Massive Alligator Before Calling The Authorities
WSVN 7News Miami video/

After discovering an alligator in his back yard an 80-year-old Florida resident decided to take on the ferocious animal himself, once he had it trapped though he realized he needed some help.

Ed Chapman, an 80-year-old Miami-Dade resident told WSVN it was his dog that first alerted him of the gator that had found its ways into his yard.

"I saw it because my dog ran out, and I saw her veer off, and she ran back and I looked at it, and there it was walking, and I said, 'Damn, that's a big gator.'"

Though "big" might be underselling the six-and-a-half-foot beast Chapman came face to face with.

But instead of calling authorities Chapman decided to grab a noose pole and wrangle the animal himself.

"I went and got the noose pulled, and I got it around its neck," Chapman told WSVN. What followed next was an epic struggle with the gator across his backyard.

"That thing tugged me all over," Chapman said. "Carried me, twisting and fighting me all the way across the property."

"He swatted me with his tail and knocked my legs out from under me."

Eventually though Chapman managed to contain the gator.

"We argued together until we got all the way over to this pond," he said, "and then he got his front legs down in the reeds there, and then we went all the way down, and he had his face in the water."

That's when Chapman called police and wildlife officials for some backup.

"I just need some help," Chapman told authorities. "I got it contained but I need some help I can't get it out by myself."

30 minutes later wildlife officials arrived to help Chapman corral the animal.

Though many were impressed by his story Chapman insists it was no big deal. When 7News reporter Sheldon Fox called him a tough guy Chapman disagreed.

"Nah, not tough. I've just been around this stuff a long time," said Chapman.

While others might turn and run Chapman says he is use to dealing with dangerous animals.

Along with about 60 poisonous snakes he keeps for venom research Chapman also breeds wolves which people found almost as bewildering as his choice to wrestle an alligator.

Just a few hours after his crazy encounter Chapman was back to tending his equally wild pets.

Of course in any other part of the country Chapman's crazy shenanigans might be considered out of the ordinary, but it all seemed par for the course to those familiar with the legend of "Florida Man."

Following Chapman's encounter Wildlife officials want to remind others that it is almost alligator mating season so residents should remain alert.