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The Look On The Finnish President's Face During His Tense Press Conference With Trump Inspires Some Glorious Memes


Finnish President Sauli Niinistö couldn't have visited the White House at a worse time.

President Donald Trump is currently treading water in an ocean of investigations, impeachment inquiries, accusations of soliciting foreign help for personal gain, reports of cruel ineptitude regarding border security and a wealth of other issues.

As Americans know all too well, things tend to go haywire when Trump is backed into a corner.

As the President took questions during a joint press conference with Niinistö, the Finnish President got caught in the middle.

The President, who had just fired off a standard early-morning tweet storm, railed against reporters who kept pressing him for answers to their questions as if it were their job or something.

Niinistö remained diplomatic, but his subtler actions told us everything we needed to know.

At one point, he swatted the President's hand away—perhaps because he heard of Trump's penchant for grabbing things he shouldn't.

Like many humans, he looked to his pet for comfort later.

But that didn't stop things from getting decidedly uncomfortable.

The contentious meeting between two ally nations—and President Niinistö's reaction to it—sparked some dank memes.

Send our regards to Finland.


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