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People Are Flipping Out After Discovering That Dora The Explorer Is Surprisingly Tall For A Little Kid


Cartoon characters being far taller than we imagine seems to be a thing—remember how Peppa Pig was well over 7 feet tall?

Well, Dora The Explorer is now joining the ranks of such cartoons. While she's not a giant by any means, the 7-year-old is VERY tall for a child.

She's a solid 5' 2'' (157 cm).

This puts Dora taller than most, if not all, kids her age and taller than some adults as well.

The average worldwide height for women is about 5'2'' (157 cm).

Dora is taller than the average height for women in several countries, though including Nigeria and Guatemala. She's on par with the average height of women from Iran and China.

According to the same source the average height for Hispanic women in the United States is slightly shorter at 5'1.7".

And as for girls in her age group, Dora is a full foot and two inches taller than the average 7-year-old girl.

While we've always known Dora was no ordinary girl, this isn't exactly what we expected.

So, how tall would she be at 8?