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Trump Deleted His Tweets Demanding Journalists Return Their 'Noble' Prizes, And Now He Claims He Was Just Joking

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Nearly 60 thousand Americans are dead from the virus that's caused a national crisis in the United States, but if you think that's going to stop President Donald Trump from airing his incessant grievances on Twitter, you'd be wrong.

In a weekend Twitter bender, the President lambasted everyone from Democrats to Fox News to, of course, the so-called "fake news" media.

In a now deleted tweet the President lamented that the journalists who covered the President's questionable dealings in Russia received "Noble" prizes, despite being "proven totally wrong."

Trump's claim that the hundreds of reports of Russian election meddling—and his campaign's welcoming of it—were proven wrong is false.


That wasn't the only inaccuracy in the tweet.

Trump meant his long-sought Nobel Prize when he typed "Noble." What's more, journalists don't receive Nobel Prizes. They receive Pulitzers.

When Twitter users pointed this out, the President deleted the tweet and offered up a bizarre defense.

Trump claimed that he never meant to type "Nobel" at all, but that he was referring to "Noble Prizes"—prizes awarded for nobility.

People weren't buying it.

Before and throughout his presidency, Donald Trump has indicated that he believes acknowledgment of even the smallest mistake is a sign of weakness.

You'll recall the time he edited an official hurricane forecast with a sharpie in order to alter the hurricane's projected path. The reason? To vindicate a false claim he made on Twitter that the hurricane could reach Alabama.

As usual, Trump's bonkers attempt to say he was right all along were more desperate and pathetic than the mistake that spurred it.

Why can't he just admit a simple error?

As the President often says:


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