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Owner Picks Up Dog From The Groomer Only To Find He Now Looks 'Like The Clown From 'IT''

Owner Picks Up Dog From The Groomer Only To Find He Now Looks 'Like The Clown From 'IT''
@yessieyass/TikTok; Warner Bros. Pictures

A TikTok dog has stolen the attention of thousands on the internet—and for all the wrong reasons.

The doggo's day of infamy seemed to begin rather uneventfully. Covered in his shaggy white fleece, he glided around the room to get his last licks in before a trip to the groomer's for a haircut.

But for the pupper, who goes by the name Bear, that would be a devastating trip. At least for his look, anyway.

Posted by TikToker @yessieyass, the viral video began with an ominous caption:

"We hoped Bear's first trip to the groomer would go well."

The video then cut to the "after" photo of Bear following the big groom.

@yessieyass' continuing caption put it very simply:

"It did not. He now looks like the clown from IT."

Bear's new look—and his uncanny resemblance to Pennywise, the evil clown from Stephen King's 1986 landmark horror novel IT—is something you have to see to believe.

@yessieyass pls pray for bear ain't nothing wrong he's just a lil ugly now 😔🙏🏼 ##foryou ##dogsoftiktok
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People on TikTok were stunned by the drastic transformation.


Relax <3/TikTok


But despite their shock, viewers couldn't help but find the whole thing hilarious.



Meg Menz/TikTok

And in addition to those knee-jerk responses, other people took it all much more seriously.

They accused her of not properly grooming the dog, citing the groomer's cut as a necessary step to solve matted fur.


Tori Pollock/TikTok


Those accusations eventually led @yessieyass to respond.

She couldn't believe the attacks she was receiving.



Other viewers stepped up to defend her as well.

Samantha Marie/TikTok



Plenty of people also offered more constructive feedback to help prevent any more Pennywise sightings in the future.

Holly M/TikTok



So here's to Bear and his—hopefully—Pennywise-free existence with a long, clean, flowing coat for years to come.