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Doctor Takes Break From Saving Lives To Lifts Spirits With Rousing Rendition Of Queen's 'Don't Stop Me Now'

The doctor was still wearing his scrubs and protective equipment (Fondazione Il Circolo della Bontà Onlus/PA)

Health professionals have been working tirelessly to help everyone affected by the pandemic. And they still go above an beyond to raise morale.

This doctor lifted the mood inside a hospital in Italy when playing a piano rendition of Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now" at the end of a shift battling coronavirus.

Christian Mongiard works in the high-intensity medicine unit at Circolo di Varese Hospital and volunteered to aid patients during the pandemic.

On Saturday, when heading to buy a sandwich, he spotted the piano and performed an impromptu song to an isolated waiting room while still wearing his protective mask and scrubs.

His performance quickly went viral on social media.

People all over the world are obsessed with the performance.

A video of his recital has been shared hundreds of times on social media as Italy faces the outbreak of the virus.

“This excellent doctor could not have chosen a better song," said Dr. Gianni Bonelli, the general manager of the hospital.

“It may seem like nothing, but it is everything. It is the spirit you need, the tension that is released, the encouragement you need."

Other doctors around the world have made similar gestures.

“It is a gesture that expresses all the passion that animates it and that is shared by our operators: they are doing extraordinary things for the sole purpose of saving lives and returning patients to their families, often far away," Dr. Bonelli said.

“Not an emotion, mind you: that passes, it is ephemeral. The passion of ours is a constant vibration that is expressed every day, and in these difficult days more than ever!"