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Digital Artist Uses AI To Show What Celebrities Might Look Like When They're Older—And It's Beautiful

Artist Alper Yesiltas has Instagram feeling emotional with his AI-generated portraits of celebrities like Harry Styles, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

Harry Styles; Emma Stone
Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images; Lorenzo Palizzolo/Getty Images

A digital artist on Instagram has viewers of his photos sharing their amazement—along with their emotions—over a series of photos showing what celebrities will look like when they're older.

Alper Yesiltas shared his new AI based project called 'Young Age(d).'

He wrote on his posts:

"Behind this project lies the question of, 'What will some of the young people we know look like a few decades from now?'"

And his AI created answers did not disappoint.

Take, for example, Harry Styles.

Below is a photo of the Grammy winner just a week ago.

Now, take a look at Yesiltas' portrait of the "As It Was" singer in the future.

Incredible, right‽‽

Another celebrity aged by Yesiltas is Emma Stone, seen below as present-day...

And then with the artist's AI aging magic...

Yesiltas also took on Justin Bieber...

Check him out down the road...

Yesiltas' art included many others, as well, that can be seen (in the future) below.

Robert Pattinson...

... Ryan Gosling...

... Billie Eilish...

... and Greta Thunberg.

Viewers of his work were absolutely blown away.












Incredibly enough, Yesiltas' talents range beyond just predicting what current celebrities will look like in the future.

He also worked on a project called "As if nothing happened".

Yesiltas shared:

"Behind this project lies the question of 'how would people look if some great events had not happened to them.'"

This project includes images of what celebrities who have passed would look like today.

And he also ages fictional characters for his project "Next Chapter."

Truly fascinating!