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4-Year-Old's Hilarious Attempt At Listing 'Facts' About Her Dad Leaves The Internet In Stitches


Think back to when you were four years old. Do you remember all the things you thought about your parents?

Chances are, your 4-year-old mind concocted all kinds of strange explanations and conclusions about where they worked, what they did for fun, why they dressed like they did and a slew of other "facts."

Not surprisingly, preschools are well aware of how hilarious the 4-year-old mind truly is. And a recent TikTok video offered a fine illustration.

Posted by TikToker @dadrealbad, the video was posted by a father who was looking over his daughter's recent preschool assignment.

She was tasked with answering a few basic questions about her father and her responses were too hilarious to keep to himself.

"How old is your dad?...6"
"What does your dad do for work?...I don't know, but he eats."

😂 #eatgood #prek #parenting #funny #LoveMeMode

TikTok viewers were absolutely loving those responses, as well as the beautiful father-daughter moment.



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Katherine August/TikTok


Other parents had some of their own funny stories to share.

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It's wonderful to know his daughter is already proud of her father for enjoying eating so much.

Who knows how much she'll admire him once she discovers he actually has a job and does all sorts of other things all day?