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Intense Flooding Causes Parked Cars To Be Completely Submerged At Dallas Airport


Storms in Texas have caused flooding so widespread and deep that on Wednesday, a number of cars at the Dallas Love Field airport were documented being almost completely under water.

3.55 feet of water was pumped out of the lower level parking garage of Dallas Love Field, leading to some crazy footage of just how badly the drainage problems and 3 inches of rain overnight affected airport patrons and workers.

Field Love, which is located in Northwest Dallas, sees flooding problems every time it rains.

Elizabeth Blackstock, a contributor for Jalopnik, writes "as a former Texas resident, yes, flooding happens literally every time it rains for longer than an hour. My own parking garage of my apartment complex would flood in a similar way to Love Field (just not quite as terrible), and water tends to pool up wherever it possibly can. It well and truly sucks."

The city of Carrollton, a suburb of Dallas, tweeted that fire rescue and the police department were "working multiple scenes of vehicles stranded in high water at city intersections."

Hail was also reported slightly further north.

In addition to major flooding, the area saw power outages and continues to be on severe weather alert.

What a crazy story. Stay safe, Dallas!