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Bigoted Dad Threatens To Disown Daughter For Dating A Trans Man In Heartwrenching Viral Video

Bigoted Dad Threatens To Disown Daughter For Dating A Trans Man In Heartwrenching Viral Video

After she was reportedly kicked out of her parent's home upon informing them she'd been dating a trans man, a teen posted the recordings of her initial confrontation on TikTok.

The pair of raw, uncomfortable audio clips illustrate the internalized transphobia so common in many households. They also show the lengths people will go to cling to those intolerant notions.

Posted by TikToker @enoblehere, who goes by Elyse on the video-sharing site, the clips have gone viral.

Of the over two million people who have viewed the posts, thousands have rushed to offer support—and their vicarious anger—in the videos' comment sections.

In the first clip, a crying Elyse after divulging the truth about her boyfriend's identity, faced her father's vocal rage.

"He is not. Oh give me a break. He is not a boy."

When Elyse attempted to tell her parents her boyfriend hadn't started testesterone and the two of them could realistically have a family one day, her father merely continued to lash out, yelling "give me a break" repeatedly.

The clip closed with her father continuing to pressure her.

"You know what? You have the choice, but this is not the right choice and you know that."

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In the second clip, Elyse's father's scolding continued after she informed him she'd been dating her boyfriend for about 7 months.

"You're willing to give up your family for 7, 8 months with someone that doesn't even know their left from their right."
"It's the reality, Elyse. You're listening to what the world wants you to hear."
"You know what, I'm sorry but you put a major major major wall between us, Elyse."

When Elyse interjected to tell her parents this wasn't a choice, they downplayed it.

They guilt-tripped her, bringing up how they loved taking care of her as a young child while never expecting she'd do something like this.


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People who heard the clips on TikTok were appalled by her father's response.



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As heartbreaking as the audio clips were, it appears Elyse did not let her parents' words impact her commitment to her boyfriend.

Another TikTok post showed the two of them looking extremely happy as they wished the world a Happy Pride Month.


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We wish this couple the best.

Hopefully some day her parents will be ready to let love win.