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Guy Weirded Out By Request From Guy He Went On One Date With To Turn On 'Read Receipts' On His Phone

Rachata Teyparsit/EyeEm/Getty Images, @EricD14/Twitter

Dating in the 21st century can be hard.

With so many dating apps and ever-evolving technology, the playing field can often feel like more of a giant landmine.

Especially in a huge city like New York, where there are so many options that people often ghost you with no explanation, and you're left wondering what happened.

That was the scenario in Twitter user @EricD14's mind after he'd gone on a successful first date.

But instead of his date ghosting him, he pretty much got the opposite.


Ok, for all you non-iPhones users out there, the "read receipts" function is basically a way to let you know if the person you sent a message to has read the message yet, with a timestamp of when they read it.

In theory it can be helpful, like if you want to give your mom peace of mind when she asks if you made it home ok, but you're too tired to respond (not that I've ever done that or anything, come on).

But a guy you went on ONE DATE with‽‽

No thank you.

Twitter wasn't having any of it:


Giant red flag warning.


For many people, turning on read receipts is only good for one (incredibly petty) thing: to let someone know that you are actively ignoring their messages.

And it sounds like @EricD14's friends all had the same reaction.

Thankfully, it looks like things didn't work out.


Better luck next time.

But if this previous tweet for @EricD14 is any indication, at least he knows what to expect out there in this cruel, cruel world.


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