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Viral 'Courtside Karen' Says She Was Kicked Out Of Game For Threatening To 'F**k Up' LeBron James

Viral 'Courtside Karen' Says She Was Kicked Out Of Game For Threatening To 'F**k Up' LeBron James

NBA star LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers was threatened by an Atlanta Hawks fan who was dubbed by him as a "Courtside Karen."

Juliana Carlos was sitting in courtside seats with her husband at Monday's game attended by a socially-distanced crowd of 1,341 at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia.

Her husband allegedly got into a heated dispute with James during the fourth quarter.

And while details as to why they got into a verbal altercation are unclear, Carlos defended her husband by laying into James in a profanity-laden tirade that eventually led to her and her husband's ejection, along with two others, from the venue.

Carlos also pulled down her mask during the fiery exchange. It's unclear if any arena employees will need to get tested or quarantine because of her pandemic protocol faux pas.

In response to the woman's incendiary outburst, James later quipped:

"Fans in the stands is just better."

Here is a clip from Monday's ruckus from the sidelines.

In a viral video, Carlos explained her version of why she and her husband were booted from the arena.

"Just got kicked out of the game for talking sh*t to LeBron James for talking sh*t to my f'king husband."
"LeBron looked at my husband during the game and cussed him out and I stood up and I go, 'Don't f'king talk to my husband. Talk to my husband one more time and I will f'k you up.'"
"And he started fighting with me, 'Shut your mouth, dumb bitch.' And I go, 'You shut your f'king mouth bitch.'"

WARNING: NSFW language

Twitter weighed in with their observations.

On Tuesday, James mocked the incident and tweeted:

Despite his online ribbing of the angry Hawks fan, James said the couple's ejection from the venue was not warranted.

"At the end of the day, I'm just happy fans are back in the building. I missed that interaction. I need that interaction."

"There was a back and forth between two grown men," explained the NBA champ of his diatribe with Carlos' husband.

""We said our piece, he said his piece, I said my piece. And then someone else jumped into it and said their piece,. But I don't think they should've been kicked out.
"But they might have had a couple drinks maybe, and they could've probably kept it going and the game wouldn't be about the game no more. So I think the referees did what they had to do."

At Monday's game, James led the Lakers to a 107-99 victory defeating the Hawks.