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MAGA Conspiracy Theorists Now Believe Trump Will Be President Again In Less Than A Week

A MAGA fan who claims that he's a 'time traveler' is convinced that Trump will resume the presidency in a matter of days—and our eyes can't roll hard enough.

TikTok screenshot of MAGA fan @brandtofficial; Donald Trump
@brandtofficial/TikTok; Sean Rayford/Getty Images

A MAGA fan who claims that he's a "time traveler" is convinced that former President Donald Trump will resume the presidency in a matter of days.

The man, identified only as Brandt, published a TikTok video in which he shared his prediction, which is not at all based on reality. As for evidence of his claims, Brandt could only offer that it's "all going to happen" and that he's "accurate most of the time."

You can see his video below.

#breakingnews about #Trump — #MAGA #usa — Who’s excited?

He said:

"Are you ready for this? In 10 days, Donald J. Trump will be the next President or the current President, he'll become the next President again of the United States of America."
"No, I get it. There are some of you who are like, 'This is impossible!' This is my prediction and in 10 days, you'll see."

Brandt urged doubters and naysayers to like, comment, or share the video so they can come back later and report on the accuracy of his prediction:

"Comment on how excited you are that Donald J. Trump is coming back. Now I know that if you're Roseanne and you're watching my TikTok, he never left. But we have to agree that he left in some capacity because this country sucks thanks to Joe Biden."

He concluded:

"In 10 days, it's all going to happen. This is my prediction. I'm accurate most of the time."

There were skeptics of course.

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But some hardcore believers too.

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The video quickly spread across social media and garnered attention on X, formerly Twitter, after it was shared by left-wing activist Ed Krassenstein, who observed:

"We’ve gotta all admit that some people just take things too far, right?"

Many agreed.

MAGA fans have previously made absurd claims about Trump being potentially "reinstated" to the White House.

In 2021, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, one of Trump's most devoted followers, insisted that Trump would be reinstated to the White House by August of that year. Lindell had claimed without any evidence that this reinstatement would coincide with his release of definitive proof that the 2020 general election was stolen, which of course didn't pan out.

In the end, "Reinstatement Day" proved to be another fantasy from hardcore QAnon followers eager for Trump's return to prominence.