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Claudia Conway Just Called Her Mom 'Smelly Kelly' While Epically Trolling Her Once Again On TikTok

Claudia Conway Just Called Her Mom 'Smelly Kelly' While Epically Trolling Her Once Again On TikTok
@claudiamconway/TikTok // MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

Senior Counselor to President Donald Trump, Kellyanne Conway, is one of the most visible faces of the Trump administration, frequently defending the President to the press.

But it's a well-known fact that there's dissension in the Conway household. Conway's husband—Republican lawyer George Conway—is a frequent critic of the President and one of the founders of the anti-Trump Republican PAC, The Lincoln Project.

It was recently discovered that Conway's 15 year old daughter, Claudia Conway, also deeply disagrees with her mom's positions and her latest career move.

Claudia Conway encouraged her sizable TikTok following to leave one star reviews on all of Trump's hotels and resorts, in addition to frequently mocking him and vocally advocating for the Black Lives Matter movement on Twitter.

Her posts even led her parents to try to revoke her social media privileges.

Never one to be silenced, Claudia Conway posted another TikTok—this time targeting her mom and joking that she's changed her leftist ways.

Claudia Conway said:

"Hi, Smelly Kelly. The rumors are true, I have been cured from my radical leftism and now I love Trump and I love our President. MAGA."

She revealed in the comments that her social media booting still stands, and that the post was made from someone else's phone.

People cheered her noble rebellion—and laughed at the new, somewhat Trumpian nickname for her mom.

Claudia Conway's antics have gone on to inspire countless memes and parodies on Twitter.

In past posts, Claudia Conway stressed she and her mother have a good relationship and both of her parents are good people.