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Japan's Chiba Lotte Marines Mascot Engages in a Strange Publicity Stunt With Hawaiian Airlines

Japan's Chiba Lotte Marines Mascot Engages in a Strange Publicity Stunt With Hawaiian Airlines

Ever worry about mistaking someone else's luggage at the airport for yours?

One arriving passenger didn't have that level of anxiety at all. Because that technicolor fish head undeniably belonged to him.

In what has to be one of the most bizarre marketing maneuvers ever, a naked fish person was spotted at Honolulu airport's baggage claim, waiting for his bulbous head piece to become one with its owner. Holy mackerel!

It turns out the mysterious fish-human-hybrid was none other than the mascot for Japan's professional baseball team – The Chiba Lotte Marines – based in Chiba City in the Chiba Prefecture.

Chiba Lotte tweeted the video of their fish out of water arriving in Honolulu, with the translated hashtag reading: the memories of the mysterious fish who flew via Hawaiian Airlines.

Japan's Pacific League teamed up with Hawaiian Airlines, giving birth to this bizarre campaign that's making waves on the Internet.

In the clip, we first spot the pink-lipped aquatic creature making its initial appearance on the conveyor belt, prompting several questions. What is it? To whom does it belong? Did the owner make sure to affix a luggage tag?

Flying fish?(@Chiba_Lotte/Twitter)

Ever fight through a horde of restless passengers hogging the front row waiting for luggage they haven't even spotted yet? This guy lucked out and didn't have to fight his way upstream. He let his belongings come to him.

Given the stresses of travel, we can learn from his (its?) stance of confidence and ease to assure us things will be fine.

Going with the flow.(@Chiba_Lotte/Twitter)

Milliseconds before the anglerfish head evaded him, the fish human person seized it at the last possible second. So the burning question is, how is he carrying it out of the airport?

Fish catching fish.(@Chiba_Lotte/Twitter)

He inspects it for a brief moment to inspect it. Is it his? Yup, looks like it. So now what?

Naturally, he crawls into the open orifice, tail first.

That's a crawl fish.(@Chiba_Lotte/Twitter)

According to the school of fish:

Then the unthinkable happens. He disappears into the mouth and suddenly and the fish head gloriously rises as if emerging from the depths. It looks like the two entities fused into one and even sprouted some legs. A biological marvel!

Can you stand it?(@Chiba_Lotte/Twitter)

With the mission accomplished, Mr. Fish Man shuffles off towards the exit.

And that's how fish travel. Maybe.(@Chiba_Lotte/Twitter)

We're wondering the same thing.

The bizarre and humorous promo instantly became a viral sensation with over 21 thousand likes. Despite its strange appeal. People could still relate.

Destination reached!

Like deleted scenes from a movie, Mondo Mascots – who chronicles the "weird and wonderful world of Japanese mascots from the front lines in Tokyo" – found these marvelous photos of the flying fish in transit.

This video is the ultimate catch of the day.

H/T - DailyDot, Twitter