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Tucker Carlson Slammed After Suggesting That Ketanji Brown Jackson's Views Aren't Black Enough

Tucker Carlson Slammed After Suggesting That Ketanji Brown Jackson's Views Aren't Black Enough
Fox News

Fox News host Tucker Carlson is under fire following comments he made about Ketanji Brown Jackson, Democratic President Joe Biden's nominee for the Supreme Court. The Fox News host implied Jackson isn't Black enough.

The conservative, White nationalist propagandist claimed Jackson's views are more in line with a "White liberal" and lacked the supposed authenticity a "rapper off the street" would more likely provide.

Carlson's comments come amid Jackson's grueling and often insulting Senate confirmation hearing, during which Republicans have repeatedly attempted to trick Jackson into making offensive statements about everything from right-wing obsession Critical Race Theory to child pornography.

Carlson made the comments during his show last night.

See the clip below.

Speaking with conservative commentator Clay Travis, Carlson opened the conversation with a loaded, mocking question in regards to Jackson.

"Why so touchy?"

Carlson and Travis then characterized Jackson's grueling hearings as Republican payback for the scrutiny placed on sitting Justice Brett Kavanaugh. The difference of course is that Kavanaugh had—and still has—credible accusations of sexual assault against him, while no one has seemed to be able to find any dirt about Jackson.

Carlson then moved the conversation on to how Jackson is not Black enough to be a credible Black candidate for the Supreme Court.

He said:

“I have to say, her views really seem like those of every affluent white liberal I’ve ever met."
“If you want a Black candidate ― I’m serious! I think the country would get better representation from, you know. She’s just a carbon copy of everyone in the neighborhood I spent my life in."

Travis agreed, saying Jackson provided nothing more than "cosmetic diversity" to the Court's roster.

Carlson then took his commentary on what he sees as Jackson's phony racial identity a step further.

“If you picked a rap star off the street, that person’s views would more likely be closer to the views of the average American than the views of this woman, I would argue."

Carlson's comments weren't popular with people on Twitter.

Carlson has repeatedly attacked Jackson on his show and on Twitter, calling her qualifications into question and even deliberately mispronouncing her name, a tactic he previously employed against Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris.