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California Teacher Apologizes After Threatening To Kill A Mom And Her 8-Year-Old Daughter At Protest

California Teacher Apologizes After Threatening To Kill A Mom And Her 8-Year-Old Daughter At Protest
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A Bakersfield, California elementary school teacher justified her actions after video showed her screaming profanities and threatening the lives of an eight-year-old and her mother at a peaceful protest.

Erika Baze said she and her daughter were heading home from the protest when a woman confronted them. The woman told them they weren't welcome in the neighborhood and threatened to call the police.

Baze began recording when the woman became violent and had to be dragged away by her husband. Carrie Maxwell—who most recently taught at Wayside Elementary School for Bakersfield City School District—made a statement justifying her behavior after the video—showing her plainly threatening to "f****ing kill" a small child and her mother—was made public.

You can see news coverage here:

CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Woman verbally attacks mother and child at

The little girl can be heard sobbing while Maxwell is forcibly dragged away by her husband.

As soon as the video went viral, Twitter tried to identify Maxwell and where she worked.

Maxwell's statement began:

"I had seen news coverage of the protest turning into riots across the country and was aware that the protests near my home had turned to confrontations the day before."
"When I heard protesters gathering near my home, loudly chanting profanities, I became overwhelmed with anxiety and fear."

After saying her actions were justified due to a number of factors and not indicative of her character or values, Maxwell added:

"I want to offer my sincerest apology to anyone who was hurt by my behavior in that video."

Erika Baze found Maxwell's apology less than sincere.

Maxwell's district was contacted.

Ultimately, a statement by Bakersfield City School District was released saying they were investigating.

People are saying an investigation into just this filmed incident is not enough.

Maxwell is the latest in a slew of ugly videos that have surfaced from #BlackLivesMatter protests in which people have threatened or condoned violence against protestors or against George Floyd himself, whose death set off the nationwide movement at a fever pitch.

With the level of acceptability of problematic behavior rapidly dropping, the way these incidents are handled by all Americans will set the stage for this next chapter in the American story.