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Bride Defends Husband After Video Of Him Throwing Entire Wedding Cake At Her Prompts Backlash

Bride Defends Husband After Video Of Him Throwing Entire Wedding Cake At Her Prompts Backlash

It's a common wedding tradition for the bride and groom to smear a bit of cake onto each other's faces when dessert time rolls around at the big event.

In an environment packed with extended relatives, the solemnity of religious ceremonies and decorations planned months in advance, some cake to the face is a nice oasis from all that seriousness.

But with makeup and hairdos importance, the smearing is often little more than a table spoon.

That is, until a recent viral TikTok video surfaced.

The clip showed a groom throwing an entire three-tiered cake directly at his wife's head, knocking her off balance and even stumbling into a few chairs.

The custard head shot apparently was a hit on TikTok. It didn't take long for the video to rake in over three million views.

But according to Daily Mail, who managed to see the comments to the video before those were disabled, many of the viewers expressed total outrage toward the groom's behavior.

"'That's not just aggressive but so embarrassing??? If he's comfortable doing that in front of all her friends and fam... scary."
"Ohhhhh HELLLL NO!!!! Major RED FLAG."
"That looked like it hurt. He went way too far. If he did this in front of people what does he do behind closed doors?"
One viewer brought out the D-word.
"Divorce on the next level,' while a fourth penned: 'RUN GIRL. Anger issues hell no."

But the bride—who posted the video—made it clear she found all those warnings totally ridiculous.

She later changed the bio on her TikTok profile to a simple, relevant truth:

"A CAKE never hurt anyone 😂"

She even posted another video of the same moment from a different angle, which captured some emotions not visible in the first.

As Daily Mail went on to note, the couple was not without its staunch supporters, especially after that second clip went up.

"Y'all they are both literally laughing - he's not angry! She even has happy posts of them both covered in cake."
"I'm sure you know your hubby better than any comments. Something me and my fella would do and he's 6ft 4. I'd go flying - it's not aggressive, I'm just tiny."

The key takeaway from this story?

If you really want to launch an entire wedding cake at your partner on the big day, make sure you have a very clear understanding of their sense of humor.

And don't worry about the internet haters.