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Writer Inspires Thread Of Bizarre Thanksgiving Side Dishes After Sharing Her Family's 'Seafoam Salad' Recipe


What is the weirdest thing you've personally ever put in your mouth?

...Don't answer that.


If you've had some seriously weird side dishes on Thanksgiving, you know that the limit of the weird food in the world simply does not exist.

@mekosoff shared the story of her family's weird as hell "seafoam salad," which has the internet gagging.

No, literally gagging.

The recipe for this thing in and of itself is WILD.


Can you say gag?

Lime jello, pears, and cream cheese. What is the appeal?

Not everyone quite got the recipe right when they read the handwritten card though.

That's PEARS, not PEAS.

But then, people shared even weirder family recipes that have been passed down from their parental units.

And despite what you've read in these ingredients, believe it or not, it actually gets worse.

Somebody must be eating these, right?

If they're being taken to party after party, year after year?

Or else we are just futilely upholding traditions simply because we must.

The 20th century and the changes it made to the way people cooked was great, but it also caused Jell-O to be in everything.

Personally, I would like my money (and my taste buds) back.

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