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Comedian Bill Burr Basically Predicted Ye's Antisemitism In Resurfaced Viral Video From 2017

Burr's assessment of the rapper during his Netflix special 'Walk Your Way Out' preemptively hit the nail on the head.

Bill Burr; Ye
Alberto Rodriguez/Hollywood Reporter via Getty Images, MEGA/GC Images

Comedian Bill Burr's 2017 Netflix special Walk Your Way Out resurfaced following rapper Ye's antisemitic comments on last week's The Alex Jones Show.

Footage from Burr's standup at the time indicated he may have predicted Ye's antisemitism making headlines today.

Ye–whose divorce settlement from Kim Kardashain was officially finalized requiring him to owe $50,000 per child in monthly child support–even made far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones pause on his program after Ye expressed his admiration for Hitler while as a guest on the show.

Said Ye:

“I like Hitler.”
“I love Nazis.”

Burr must've seen this coming.

The 54-year-old filmmaker and podcaster's comments from his 2017 stand-up special are currently going viral.

He said during his Netflix special:

“I’m pretty good at picking out psychos and it drives my wife nuts."
“I remember she was one of the first people that got into [Ye]"
"So my wife got freaked out because I told her early on—she was lovin’ the guy—and I was thinking he was cool, then one day I saw him do an interview, he was talking sh*t about how great he was."
"And there was just this look that was in his eye and it just made me nervous. I’m like, ‘This guy is, uhh… this guy is like, this guy is volatile'."
"He’s making me nervous.”

Burr continued to express his shock and disapproval over his wife's positive response listening to Ye's disturbing discourse.

“This guy is right on the edge of like snapping, right? She goes, ‘Ah, you’re out of your mind!’ And I was thinking, ‘I don’t know, I think this guy is f'ked up. And then I was convinced."
"Because one day I came walking in and she was listening to him do an interview and I didn’t know it was him."
"He was talking about how great he was. And, like, literally a chill ran down my spine, and I just started thinking like ‘No! No! Nooooo!’"

The part that went viral was when the comedian encouraged his audience to really focus on what Ye was actually saying when on another one of his narcissistic rants.

“Next time [Ye] is going off on himself, close your eyes, forget it’s him, and really listen to what is coming out of this guy’s mouth."
"He says sh*t like ‘I’m a genius, I’m a god, I’m Shakespeare. My biggest regret is that I’ll never get to see myself perform live!’"
"That’s a direct quote. Dude, you put that ego in a White dude, and he’d be [impersonates Hitler giving a speech.].”

Social media users were in awe of Burr's prognostication of Ye.

You can watch Burr's full comments about Ye in the clip below.

Bill Burr On Kanye West

Ye was suspended from Twitter in October for a policy violation from posting a series of antisemitic tweets–including one in which he threatened to go “death con 3 On JEWISH PEOPLE."

When he was reinstated by new Twitter CEO Elon Musk last month, the rapper was banned again from the platform after he posted an image of a swastika entwined with the Star of David.

In a discussion posted on the alt-right website Censored.TV, Ye told Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes Jewish people should "forgive Hitler today."

“Let it go. Let it go. Stop trying to force it on other people.”