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Rabid Bat Hiding In iPad Case Bites Man—And We Have Questions

Rabid Bat Hiding In iPad Case Bites Man—And We Have Questions
Ewen Charlton via Getty Images@stefanaldrich/Twitter

You ever have a live flying mammal living in one of your electronic device's cases?

Roy Syverston of South Hampton, New Hampshire was treated to an unpleasant surprise when he want to close his iPad case on Wednesday, May 29th.

"It felt like a little bee sting, and it hurt," the 86-year-old man said.

A bat had been hiding in the case and bit him as he attempted to close it.

South Hampton man bit by rabid bat hiding in his iPad

In response, he closed the case fully so that the bat couldn't go anywhere.

"I looked and there was the bat looking out at me, and I could see his wings had the little hooks on them," he said. "It must have been very squished in there."

Syverston said he managed to get the i-Bat outside but that he found it dead. Upon calling animal control to have it tested for rabies, it tested positive--so now Syverston is being tested for rabies as well.

He said to NBC Bostonthe incident has also left him paranoid.

"When I open up the Manchester Union Leader to read now I'm very careful when I open it up," he said. "When I open up the refrigerator I want to make sure there's nothing in the refrigerator, cereal box... what could be lurking in there? So maybe I am getting paranoid, I don't know."

However, Syverston is in good spirits.

His only regret is that the bat "probably knew [his] password."

So next time you go to open your various electronic devices, have a second look.

Or else you may be ambushed by a rabid flying creature.


Bat, I mean but, probably not.