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Teen Stunned To Discover His Childhood 'Best Friend' Was Actually An Actor Hired By His Aunt

TikToker Lawson Spolansky was left horrified after discovering the boy he thought was his best friend starting when he was just 5-years-old was actually an actor his aunt had hired to be friends with him.

TikTok screenshots of Lawson Spolansky

People on social media are absolutely floored after hearing TikToker Lawson Spolansky's childhood story that is something straight out of a twisted soap opera.

Spolansky (@lawsonspolansky) took to the social media platform when he felt he was "finally ready to share" his "horrific" story. And horrific, it is.

The TikToker shared that he found out just a few years ago that his childhood best friend of nearly a decade—from 2012 to 2021—was actually an actor hired by his aunt.

Spolansky began the traumatic story by revealing he was getting into trouble at school, misbehaving and such, when he was five years old.

One day when he was sent home from school for throwing pencils at his teacher, the TikToker said his aunt came over and told him he needed to “become a better man.”

Days later, he recounted he was at the playground with his aunt when he hurt his knee playing on the monkey bars. A boy, Dexter, began mocking him as he was "screaming and wailing," but then Dexter's mother came over and began to care for Spolansky's wounds.

Dexter then took the TikToker by the hand and led him to a play area, and that was that.

Or so Spolansky thought.

In September of 2012, Spolansky noticed the same little boy at his school.

"He was actually in my class. Sitting right next to me."

They developed a more "strong and robust" friendship and eventually became best friends. And they remained friends for nearly 10 years.

But the TikToker revealed one particular incident in 2018 that made him a little suspicious.

Dexter invited Spolansky on a trip to Paris and Spain with plans to wrap up at Universal Studios in California. But as the TikToker started planning, Dexter told him the trip was actually canceled and made up all kinds of excuses as to why.

But later, the Spolansky saw an Instagram post with Dexter, Dexter's mother and his own aunt in California. The reason given to him was that his aunt was buying a house in California, and it just made sense for her to go.

Then in August of 2021, Spolansky's then-boyfriend just so happened to be the pool boy for Dexter's mother. He told the TikToker that one day he heard them talking about how Spolansky’s aunt had hired Dexter to be his friend, and his "mother" was actually Dexter's manager.

And, as it turned out, his "therapist" was her sister.

When the TikToker confronted his aunt, he revealed that she "confirmed everything."

He shared:

“So now I’m left broken, [with] a severe amount of trust issues and I feel like I never really went anywhere.”

You can watch below.


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Those hearing Spolansky's story were absolutely shocked over what he endured.












We agree with all the other viewers when we say we're so sorry you had to go through that, Lawson.