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Apple Is Getting Roasted For Using A Comic Sans-Like Font For A Presentation—And We're Dying 😂

Apple is being ridiculed for using a font that looks suspiciously like comic sans, and the internet's reaction is a mixture of shock and amusement. The hated font was seemingly reborn from the ashes during a recent Apple launch event for the new iPad Pro.

Meet the weird cousin of comic sans!

People had one burning question...why Apple, why?

After the font's horrible reception, Twitter reckoned someone might fired.

Comic sans was originally invented by Microsoft, which makes this choice even more puzzling. It looks like Apple was trying to be creative and exciting with the font, but they clearly failed.

One Twitter user suggested Apple might be from a "parallel universe."

Comic sans is so famously bad that people worldwide are laughing at Apple.

A couple joked that comic sans is going to become trendy with Apple fanboys.

Android users claimed victory while bashing Apple.

Well, someone in Apple's font department probably had a terrible day at work. While everyone was supposed to be focused on the new iPad, people are more interested in this bizarre rendition of comic sans. I somehow doubt we'll see this one in future keynotes.

H/T: CNET, Twitter Moments