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Guy Sparks Backlash After Self-Publishing A Children's Book He Made With A.I. In One Weekend

Ammaar Reshi was called out after tweeting about how he created a children's book called 'Alice And Sparkle' using 'ChatGPT, MidJourney, and other AI tools.'

'Alice and Sparkle' illustrations and Ammaar Reshi

Last week, Ammaar Reshi posted a Twitter thread in which he described how he self-published a children's book using artificial intelligence or AI.

In his posts, he shared that in just one weekend, he created his book Alice and Sparkle with the help of "ChaptGPT, MidJourney, and other AI tools."

Reshi detailed the process through his Twitter posts, stating that he gave ChaptGPT prompts and "went back and forth with it to refine details and get inspiration for the illustrations."

"It was like having a constant brainstorming partner who I could ping pong ideas off of."

He then transferred that to MidJourney where he "gave it prompt after prompt" until he was satisfied with a "somewhat consistent style."

He did run into some hilarious blunders along the way.

Once he consolidated and formatted, Reshi signed up for Amazon Kindle Publishing and completed the process.

He finished his posts by sharing the Amazon link to his new creation.

"And BOOM."
"In a weekend, from idea to illustrations, to becoming a publisher author!"

While Reshi's process, ideas and efficiency are obviously impressive, many on Twitter have questioned the integrity of the product.

In response to the backlash he received, Reshi posted a series of follow-up tweets.

He first asked creators:

"How do we ensure protections for artists/train models on consent?"
"Their talent, skill, hard work to get there needs to be respected."
"In fact we should involve them in the creation of these tools so they're heard."

He then said:

"This was all a test of what's possible, but I'll be waiting to hear more on the above before proceeding to create more content."

We think that's a wise call.

Reshi finished:

"Thank you to those who were willing to discuss despite the emotions this all unintentionally but very fairly spurred."
"I appreciate you."