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World Cup Reporter Defiantly Trolls Qatar's Ban On Pro-LGBTQ+ Clothing During Live Report

BBC reporter and former soccer star Alex Scott wore the 'OneLove' armband that officials forbade captains from wearing on the pitch.

Alex Scott
Joe Prior/Visionhaus via Getty Images

Former professional footballer and current BBC reporter Alex Scott made quite the statement when she wore a "OneLove" rainbow armband while reporting at the World Cup in Qatar.

Just hours earlier, FIFA announced players who sported the armbands would be issued yellow cards.

Originally, captains for England, Wales, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark and the Netherlands were going to wear the bands to show their support for diversity and inclusivity, but FIFA decided the risk was too large for such a high-stakes platform.

Scott, however, trolled Qatar—a country that criminalizes same-sex relationships—on live TV.

And don't think for a second the twitterverse didn't notice her statement piece.

Scott's employer BBC even tweeted their support.

Scott, who has not defined her sexuality, did reveal in her memoir she and Arsenal teammate Kelly Smith were in a relationship from 2005 to 2013.

Scott made a statement on BBC after receiving backlash for attending the World Cup, given Qatar's laws on homosexuality and treatment of migrant workers.

"I totally understand their reasons as well as a whole heap of fans from around the world from the LGBTQ+ community not wanting to travel here."
"I'm here because I love my job and, when I think about it, sitting here and having the harder conversations: we're talking about the migrant workers, LGBTQ+ community, we're talking about women's rights."
"You think about four years ago, I was the first female pundit for the BBC at a World Cup. You think how far we've moved in four years."
"Let's hope, in the next four years, we're never having to have these conversations again."

Keep spreading the love, Alex.