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Alabama Principal Goes Viral With Hilarious 'Can't Touch This' Instructional Parody Video

Alabama Principal Goes Viral With Hilarious 'Can't Touch This' Instructional Parody Video
Quentin Lee/YouTube

As schools prepare to reopen for the fall-somewhat prematurely, school districts are being forced to come up with plans and safety measures to ensure that new pandemic outbreaks don't occur within close quarters,

One principal in Alabama doesn't see why we can't have some fun while we approach this. In response to needing a plan for his students, he also came out with an incredible video—featuring MC Hammer, of course.

Dr. Lee presents Can't Touch This Covid

Dr. Quentin Lee, the principal of Childersburg High School in Childersburg, Alabama, made his virus warning video set to the seminal MC Hammer classic, "Can't Touch This," which is oddly topical for this time period.

Lee, who walks through the video armed with hand sanitizer, warns students about the dangers of the pandemic while walking, masked and distanced, throughout the school.

"Basically, just really wanted to do something fun for back-to-school to kind of reinforce a lot of the new things we're having to do," Lee said to USA Today.

"I like making little silly videos for the kids, just to kind of get them excited about school. I wanted to something to help promote the community."

This is not Dr. Lee's first video about the pandemic, nor his first song about it.

Dr. Lee Sings a Song about

Same, Dr. Lee. Same.

The Department of Education is threatening to cut funding from schools that don't open, even those that are in areas where infections continue to skyrocket.

With a possible grim perpetuation of the infection rate on the horizon, the USA braces for the fall when students will be at the mercy of a failing system.

Hopefully videos like Dr. Lee's can make a difference.