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A Meme About Petty Venmo Favors Has Actually Turned Into A Way To Make Money For Some Social Media Users 😮

A Meme About Petty Venmo Favors Has Actually Turned Into A Way To Make Money For Some Social Media Users 😮
Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images, @pumpkiim/Twitter

What began as a joke on social media turned into a cash grab opportunity involving ridiculous tasks.

Venmo engagement evolved in the last several weeks with users who are more than willing to go on a fool's errand, as long as a monetary incentive is involved.

The mobile payment app is a convenient way for friends and family to pay each other back, while it amuses voyeurs who are curious to see what bizarre transactions have taken place.

But now, a handful of strangers are facilitating transactions with Venmo after tweeting unusual favors.

Buzzfeed News said social media users began tweeting "Venmo me and I'll do x for you," with no intention of hearing responses. Examples include, "Venmo me $20 and I'll comment 'my condolences' on your ex's Instagram pic with their new significant other," and "venmo me $20 and i'll DM your man to see if he'll cheat on you."

Keani Jury from Waianae, Hawaii, received legitimate inquiries after soliciting Venmo payments with a checklist of odd tasks – including judging "an enemies selfie" for $20 and "$5 for some feet pics."

The 24-year-old admitted the possibility of users taking the joke seriously. She was right. Her tweet wound up being retweeted hundreds of times, 15 of which were direct messages inquiring details about her services.

And she was more than happy to oblige.

"I wasn't surprised people were paying me. Women want security and $10 is a small price to pay, and some people just like feet."

Her research uncovered proper price points for one of the items.

"I found out $5 is very, very cheap as well, so of course they want that deal."

Jury told Buzzfeed she did receive money for carrying out her proposals, including two requests from strangers to "comment 'ew' on an enemies selfie," four requests to "see if he's cheating,"and three for pictures of her feet.

She completed all tasks with a confirmed payment and provided screenshots of her commenting "ew" on selfies of desired targets as receipts.

For the budding entrepreneur, invoking the Venmo meme was an effort "to see how someone would react to a total stranger roasting them for apparently no reason."

Some people were impressed by her business endeavor.

Kim, another Venmo user, tweeted, "venmo me $20 and i"ll DM your man to see if he'll cheat on you." She said she was "in talks with women "wanting [her] to test their boyfriends," but she is struggling with the ethical dilemma of accepting money.

"I feel bad...I don't think I would actually let them Venmo me," she said. "But I'd be down to help catch a cheater for free."

Not everyone is successful as Jury. Emily Krieg, 27, joked that she will "comment 'yikes' on your enemy's Instagram photos of your choice."

Although she did receive many requests, only one actually followed through with the transaction.

With wronged ex's essentially hiring verbal hitmen, Venmo turned out to be the very pay back app it set out to be. Yes, the internet continues to be a very strange place.