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A Debate About Whether A Billionaire Has Ever Worked Harder Than Someone Who Cleans Toilets Is Raging On Twitter

Somsak Bumroongwong / EyeEm/
George Mdivanian/ Getty Images :@killerma/Twitter

Everyone has a different journey climbing the ladder to success. Some journeys are short, some are still in transit, while others require no climbing of any sort for anyone to accumulate their status and wealth.

So how hard must one work to become billionaires?

Work ethic became the subject of a hot debate when Twitter user Thomas Violence made a bold statement.

"No billionaire has ever worked harder than anyone that cleans toilets for a living."


He added a followup tweet indicating that the term "work" was subjective.

The responses were overwhelming and many of them put things into perspective.

But what's more important here?

One comment reflected on how companies tend to place value on profit potential over effort.

The debate hit a nerve, and people starting defending billionaires as huge contributors to society.

No thread is complete without a dose of sarcasm.

Speaking of toilets, nobody toils harder than these professional scrubbers.

An argument was made for billionaires by comparing statistics.

But let's talk about qualifications.

Props were given to those who truly are hard workers.

Here's to the heroes!

Which side of the debate are you on?