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Ye Sued After His Donda Academy Only Serves Kids Sushi—That They Have To Eat On The Floor

The rapper's private Christian school is being sued by two former teachers who say chairs are not allowed in the school, among other health and safety violations.

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Two women are suing rapper Ye's private Christian school Donda Academy, claiming they were wrongfully fired because 1)they called out the school for various violations, and 2)because they are Black.

TMZ reported the lawsuit by the two terminated teachers claimed the school only serves sushi - every single day - to students who have to eat it off the floor with no tables, chairs or forks or utensils, as the rapper didn't want children using them.

While this may not sound at first like a horrible option, the former teachers noted students are not allowed to bring in any outside food or drinks with the exception of water.

They claimed Ye spends $10 thousand a week on sushi.

The lawsuit went on to list many other complaints as well as safety violations.

The teachers claimed the school doors are locked daily from the outside during school hours. Students are not able to go outside until they leave school for the day. Additionally, all students from pre-K through 12th grade have lunch and recess indoors at the same time.

People on social media learning of the lawsuit were perplexed, many wondering if the claims are even true because of how absurd they sound.

Of course, many questioned the reasoning behind sending children to a school owned by Ye in the first place.

According to the lawsuit, other safety issues include the absence of a school nurse or custodians.

They claimed students' medications are stored in closets haphazardly, unsecured and among expired medication, as well.

The school also lacks any disciplinary procedures or even lesson plans, so both students and teachers are subject to physical assault and bullying because there are no consequences in place for any kinds of infractions.

Ye also implemented strict rules for any kind of creativity.

Coloring sheets, crossword puzzles and the likes were forbidden, artwork are not to be hung on the walls. Because Ye "did not like jewelry," it too is forbidden to be worn by anyone. Students are also forced to wear only black from head to toe and are forbidden to wear Nike and Adidas brands.

The teachers were threatened about reaching out to Ye when they tried to complain about the various issues, including being shorted up to $2,700 on their paychecks per pay period.

They claim they were fired based on retaliation and racial discrimination.

Neither Ye nor his representatives have responded to the claims.