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Gym-Goers Get Quite The Shock After A Woman Drives Her SUV Through The Wall Of A Planet Fitness In South Philly

Gym-Goers Get Quite The Shock After A Woman Drives Her SUV Through The Wall Of A Planet Fitness In South Philly
CBS Philly/YouTube, @ramirez_eyden/Twitter

With gym rats prepping their bods for warmer weather, even SUVs are hitting the gym.

At least that's what happened at a Planet Fitness in South Philadelphia on Sunday night when gym goers were shocked after hearing what they initially thought was an explosion.

According to NBC News, a driver of an SUV plowed into the Planet Fitness location in the Quartermaster Plaza shopping center near South 23rd Street and Oregon Avenue around 9:30 pm.

Miraculously, none of the approximately 20-30 people inside the facility were injured.

You can watch the CBS Philly news report of the off-roading incident here.

Witnesses who narrowly escaped the collision instantly shared footage from the wreckage with knocked-over gym equipment and shattered glass.

Customer Kaytylin Meeler told the news outlet:

"We saw the smoke coming from the back, walked up to the back and seen all the weights on the floor, the window shattered, the car inside the building."

Another customer, Sal Liciardello, told CBS Philly:

"All the dumbbells fell, all the free wights. So, you hear boom, boom, boom, boom, boom and smoke."

Gym goers noticed that the woman—who was reportedly in her 40s—had been driving erratically by a nearby Wendy's before losing control and slamming into the building.

Liciardello continued:

"People went over to her and asked her how she was. She wasn't responding very well but she was OK, at least physically, like breathing and in that way."
"When the police came, they just literally loaded her up, put a neck brace on and rolled her out to the ambulance."

Eyewitness Briana Meelee added:

"People were checking on her but she really didn't say anything, she was just sitting there staring."

The woman was taken to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

Gym goers either counted their blessings or missed seizing an opportunity.

People also wondered if the gym's iconic "lunk alarm"—which sounds off when it detects someone obnoxiously dropping their dumbbells on the gym floor—blared in the wake of the SUV's dramatic entrance.

This user reminded people of the gym's famous mantra.

There was one burning question.

Planet Fitness Senior Public Relations Manager Becky Zirlen said the fitness franchise is cooperating with the ongoing investigation.

"The local Planet Fitness franchisee is actively working with the Philadelphia authorities in their investigation of this unfortunate accident and we are grateful to the local first responders who provided immediate assistance."

It could have been a lot worse.

The facility, which usually operates 24 hours, was closed overnight as crews cleaned up the horrific scene before reopening the following morning.