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Video Of Oblivious Woman Crashing Couple's Marriage Proposal To Get Her Photo Taken Divides The Internet

Video Of Oblivious Woman Crashing Couple's Marriage Proposal To Get Her Photo Taken Divides The Internet

A recent video of a Houston couple's romantic proposal in front of a waterfall featured an additional, unexpected character when another woman in the park decided to pose for a photo just a few feet away from the once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Posted by TikToker Javier Maldonado, and viewed by over three million people, the clip has divided viewers, with some lambasting the woman for being so selfish and others rushing to her defense.

The video began by showing the couple, eyes locked and hands held, standing at center frame in front of a majestic waterfall at Houston's Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park.

The white noise of the water and the perfect symmetry of the camera shot gave the video all it needed to become the perfect recording of the big ask.

But off to the left, as if she planned her outfit to attract as much attention as possible, there stood a woman in a jet black dress. She moved back and forth as she selected the ideal placement for her own photo.

Throughout the clip, Maldonado narrated both his own romantic words spoken to his now-fiance, as well as some assumed words to convey the woman's thought process.

"You are the love of my life...'right here is a good spot.' "
"I want to live the rest of my life with you."
"Will you marry me?...'hurry up and take the picture!' "

Maldonado then imagined the woman's realization of what she just did.

"What are you looking at? Did he just propose?..."
"OMG! Are you mad?..."
"Oh I should have waited."

Many viewers shared Maldonado's frustration.




It's yer dad/TikTok


Others, however, didn't think she should catch so much shade for what she did.

They explained their reasoning.


Normalize leaving me tf alone/TikTok

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And a few people offered to provide some very concrete assistance to solve the whole issue.


christy lats/TikTok


Those helping hands apparently followed through, or at least someone with solid editing skills did.

A follow up post from Maldonado showed the new and improved edition with a noticeable absence of black dress lady.

@pinkbellabean Here's the video with NO RANDOM LADY! Thanks to all that that try to helped me to fix it ##gaypropsal ##gaylovestory ##lovewins @antooqiiee
♬ Runaway - AURORA

So whether people took the lady's side or Maldonado's, everyone can rest easy the romantic moment did end up being preserved in all its lovely glory.