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Woman's Viral Photo Showing How Her Wife Loads The Dishwasher Sparks Fierce Debate On Twitter


Living with someone is quite a separate ordeal from dating them.

You may find when you cohabitate you take up a lot of space together. Your habits are seemingly designed to get on each others' nerves.

A woman's dishwasher loading technique, for example, has really frustrated her wife. Said wife decided to take the debate to Twitter.

But not everybody agreed it was a poor dishwasher technique.

Judge for yourself.

Some people were absolutely horrified by the picture—with one person actually saying the image made her "physically sick."

Another person suggested that there is one person in every marriage who cannot load the dishwasher, so Lee, the woman who began the tweet, was most certainly not alone.

Now there are some fair arguments to be considered here.

For example, what if our original poster, or OP's wife, didn't grow up with a dishwasher? Are we making fun of her for her economic disadvantage?

However, most people seem to think some people are just naturally bad at loading a dishwasher.

For those of you wondering what is wrong, dishwashers utilize water jets to remove food and particulates. If dishes are piled together, the dirty areas aren't directly exposed to the water jets.

However, some people were just never taught, like OP's wife. But as long as the dishes are getting clean, does it really matter anyway?

And that's the missing piece of information. Are the dishes getting cleaned or is the wife's method causing rework for dishes that come out still dirty?

We need more information before making a judgment.