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The Washington Post Faces Backlash After Sexist Headline About Blondie's Debbie Harry

The Washington Post Faces Backlash After Sexist Headline About Blondie's Debbie Harry
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It's 2019, how hard is it to not be sexist?

Well, apparently for the person writing the review for Debbie Harry's memoir, Face It, it was an impossible task.

The Washington Post tweeted its review of Harry's memoir with the caption:

"Review: In her memoir, Debbie Harry proves she's more than just a pretty blonde in tight pants."

Sorry, what now?

And if you thought that was rough, imagine clicking on the piece to find this opening it:

"Even if Debbie Harry, of the band Blondie, isn't to your taste — her voice too thin, her sexiness too blatant, her music too smooth — you can't dismiss certain truths about her."

Her sexiness too blatant.

Hey Debbie Harry what are you going to do with all that blatant sexiness? Where are you going to put that? Oh who cares about your music when you have blatant sexiness on display?

Harry's legacy as one of the most influential rock musicians in the twentieth century has been reduced to a "thin voice," "blatant sexiness" and "smooth music," suggesting that this male reviewer has never even heard of Debbie Harry at all.

The internet is absolutely losing it at this misogynist nonsense.

They spared no expense or disgust in calling out The Washington Post's sexism.

The Washington Post has since revamped the headline and "apologized" for the sexist review.

But we are accepting only changed behavior in 2019, not just apologies.

In 2020, we want nobody to have to be told when they are being sexist, right?

It's not rocket surgery, guys.

Get Debbie Harry's book, Face It: A Memoir, here.


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